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Master Voyager Home Edition News

Master Voyager 3.08. Improvements in the product activation scheme..

April 25, 2013

We are glad to introduce version 3.08.

In this build we improved the product activation wizard. Now it is much simpler to renew product subscription and etc.

Additionally, we improved the gui of the enter password window.



Master Voyager 3.08

Master Voyager 3.07. Improved New Zone wizard. Added ability to erase cd/format drive from the drive list directly. New installdrivers.msi..

March 25, 2013

We are glad to introduce version 3.07.

Now every drive button in the drive list has own popup menu with commands. For example, it is possible to erase cd here or format usb drive.

New ability to erase cd from popup menu

Now all blue popup messages are displayed on the same monitor (on multi-monitor configuration) where main window of Master Voyager is displayed:

popup messages

Additionally, we built new installdrivers.msi package. It is used to deploy Master Voyager drivers to multiple computers in local network. It gives possibility to open encrypted cd and usb flash drive in "on the fly" decryption mode on any comuter with restricred user account (non-admin account). installdrivers.msi  is now included into every instalaltion package and can be found in c:\program files (x86)\master voyager folder. Ask your system administrator to deploy this package in your network.

driver pack to deploy drivers in network

Moreover, we improved the New Zone Wizard. Its "Zone Size" page.

improved new zone wizard

Now it is possible to navigate between controls using keyboard only (TAB button). The resizing bar has focus frame. Also it is possible to move slider in this control using left and right keyboard button. Also it is possible to increment/decrement valur in "Zone Size:" field using up and down arrow keyboard buttons.



Master Voyager 3.07

Master Voyager 3.05.. Mobile Voyager (auto play module): when user clicks the the popup ballon "secure zone has been opened as..." - the zone is opened in the Windows Explorer window. Many bug fixes..

February 24, 2013

New feature

Mobile Voyager (auto play module). Now when user clicks the the popup ballon  "secure zone has beeen opened as..." - the zone is opened  in the Windows Explorer window.



Additionally, we added support for the Backspace key (it opens the parent folder) in the cd file list.


Moreover, we fixed the the navigation pane bug. Now it is redrawn correctly when secure media with several secure zones is closed. All navigation tabs are disappeared and redrawn correctly.


Other fixed bugs

Master Voyager 3.05.

Master Voyager 3.04. Fixed [X] Close button problem.. Fixed close button problem (freezed). Improved the New Vault Wizard. Several important bug fixes in Mobile Voyager and Partition Explorer..

January 28, 2013

We are happy to announce the release of Master Voyager 3.04.

1. Fixed problem with the Close button. Sometime, the [X] close button freezed and it was not possible to close the application. It was needed to swtitch by Alt-Tab to another application, then switch back to Master Voyager to get ability to close the aplication by button. 

In this release we fixed this problem.

Freezed close button for Master Voyager


2. Improved the New Vault Wizard. The capacity text fields now have Kb/Gb/Mb switch and provide ability to increase/decrease values.

New Secure Zone Wizard - encrypted usb flash drive and encrypted cd


3. Improved the Not Enough Rights window in Mobile Voyager.

administratov priveleges to open encrypted usb flash drive on encrypted cd

Since this version it is possible to choose the first option, then cancel the enter password window (for obtaining administrator priveleges) and go back to this screen again. The application is not closed anymore when user cancels the password window.

4. No more "Program Compatibility assistant" window when closing Partition Explorer on Windows Vista/7/8.

5. Fixed the "Install Drivers" window in Mobile Voyager. 

Install drivers to open encrypted usb flash drive or secure cd



Master Voyager 3.04. Fixed [X] Close button problem.

Master Voyager 3.03. Fixed "Burn Error Status 32". Fixed Burn Error Status 32.

January 3, 2013

We are happy to announce the release of Master Voyager 3.03.

This version is a hotfix for Master Voyager.

Sometime, on closing CD or on Burning CD, Master Voyager does not close all the opened secure zones properly when files/folders from opened zone are locked by another applications. This results in an error "Cannot burn cd .... Status 32".

In this hotfix Master Voyager displays the message box in this situation:

Closing locked secure drive from encrypted cd or encrypted usb


Master Voyager 3.03. Fixed "Burn Error Status 32"

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