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Master Voyager Home Edition News

Released Master Voyager 1.29. Mobile Voyager: added ability to choose letter when mounting partition..

January 29, 2009

In this version we modified Mobile Voyager (located on removable media). Now it is possilble to choose drive letter when mounting partition.

Released Master Voyager 1.29

Released Master Voyager 1.28. Mobile Voyager: added ability to unmount partition when its files are used by another processed/applications..

January 11, 2009

In this version, Mobile Voyager (located on removable media) can now unmount partitions when some files on this partition are used by another processes/applications. Mobile Voyages show message "Would you like to unmount the partition anyway? Yes, No"

Released Master Voyager 1.28

Released Master Voyager 1.27. Mobile Voyager: added menu item "Explore Z: (Partition Name). Bug fixed: it was not possible to add root folder to the list of autorun items on USB Memory Stick (changed settings were not saved)..

December 25, 2008

In previous versions we added new feature - autorun items. In the autorun dialog it was possible to add Root Folder as autorun item (it can be explored in Windows Explorer automatically when the protected partition is opened). But informattion about root folder was not really added to USB memory sticks, only to DVD/CD. This bug was fixed in this version.

Additionally, we've added new feature: "Explore Z: (Partition Name)" as menu item to the Mobile Voyager. I.e. when protected compact disc/usb stick is inserted/connected to the computer and protected partition is mounted using password, now it is possible to choose this menu item (from menu in tray notification area) and open mounted partition in separate Windows Explorer window.


Released Master Voyager 1.27

Released Master Voyager 1.26. Fixed bug in previous version. No more error message "cannot find "exploreonmount" parameter. It was shown for protected USB memory sticks..

November 25, 2008

The previous previous version, released 3 days ago, contained bug. Error message "Canot find parameter "exploreonmount" in [section1]" was shown when attempting to launch Mobile Voyager from protected USB Memory stick. In this version we fixed this bug. Now all works fine.

Released Master Voyager 1.26

Released Master Voyager 1.25. Added ability to add root folder to the list of autorun items. Added documentation for autorun window..

November 22, 2008

In previous version we added new feature: autorun items. Now we extended this feature by providing ability to add root folder to the list of autorun items. I.e. when secure partition on protected compact disc/usb stick is opened, its root folder can also be open in Windows Explorer window automatically.

Also this option was removed from partition manager.

Added documentation to the autorun window.

Released Master Voyager 1.25

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