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Thumb Drive Encryption. How to encrypt >4gb usb thumb drive?

When encrypting thumb drive, Master Voyager creates encrypted areas (partitions) on this media. But typical thumb drive has old FAT32 file system, so, no one file can be larger than 4gb.

Master Voyager keeps encrypted partition data in separate encrypted volume file in a special folder on the thumb drive, so, the single encrypted partition cannot be larger than 4 gigabytes.

But there is a simple solution how to break this limitation.

Just format your thumb drive to exFAT file sytem or NTFS file system (Master Voyager provides this facility and you'll find special Format button on its main toolbar) and Master Voyager will be able to create huge encrypted partitions on your thumb drive.

USB stick encryption was never been easier than with Master Voyager. Try it! Master Voyager can be downloaded and evaluated for free of charge during the free 30 day evaluation period.


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Compatilbe with Windows 8 and 7

Sending secured DVD

This solution is recommended to non-tec savvy users, or those looking to make a good impression such as when sending secured DVD’s by snail mail to customers or business partners for example.



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