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Master Voyager 2.30. Drag-n-Drop file from encrypted CD to Windows Explorer

December 15, 2009

In situations, when administrator's rights are not availabe on the computer for the user of encrypted (by Master Voyager) DVD disc/USB Pendrive, it is possible to use special tool Partition Explorer (this program is automatically added to every protected DVD/USB stick).

This tool has two file panes interface and it is possible to open the encrypted partition on one side and the destination location on hdd on another side. And drag and drop files between panes.

In previous versions it was not possible to drag and drop files/folder directly from encrypted partition on CD to the external application (for ex. Windows Explorer). Now it is possible. This new feature makes the Partition Explorer more intuitive and easy to use for the recipients of your encrypted compact discs and/or USB Flash Drives.

How to drag and drop files from encrypted CD to windows exporer


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