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Released Master Voyager 2.10

July 18, 2009

It is an recommended update for registered users.

[+] Partition Manager has been completely redesigned and significally
improved. Now it is much more intuitive and simple to use.
[+] Partition Manager: all current partition settings have been moved
to a separate settings window.
[+] Partition Manager: All virtual partitions (not yet created) have semi-
transparent icon
[+] Partition Manager: Added context menu with common partition
[+] Partition Manager: Added ability to open/close partition from context
[+] Partition Manager: Special picture "TEMP" is displayed for
just created CD/DVD partitions but not yet burned to DVD/CD.
[+] Partition Manager: It asks to enter CD/DVD/USB disk label when it is
[+] Partition Manager: Special optimized method to create partitions
on USB Flash Drives. The progress bar is filled correctly now (it
flushes disk cache every 25 mb).
[*] Partition Manager: free size of the secure partition is displayed
correctly every time.
[*] Partition Manager: free size of the public area is calculated correctly
when removing secure partition from USB Flash Drive
[+] Some minor improvements in Disc Burning Wizard


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