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Released Master Voyager 2.00

May 8, 2009

New version contains new tool "Partition Explorer". It is a small program being added to the protected media (CD/DVD/USB memory stick).

Previously, in situation, when protected media was launched on computer under limited user account, there was no way to mount any partition as drive letter because windows security model didn't allow this. So, if you were unable to ask computer's administrator to give permission to launch this program you were not able to read files inside the protected partitions.

Now, autoplay module of protected media detects this situation and provides two options: (1) relaunch program as administrator (and provide admin's password) to continue or (2) Open secure partitions in Partition Explorer (it does not need admin's permission at all. Even under limited user account).

Partition Explorer is just Vista Explorer like program but with two file panes. In one pane you can open secure partition contents (by providing password, of course), in another pane you open folder on hard drive. Using Partition Explorer you can copy files from secure partition to other folder. Yes, it is not so handy as on the fly decryption with virtual hard drives (it is default behaviour of the autoplay module), but it at least gives you possibility to get access to your protected files under any circumstances.

Additionaly, we've made many changes to the Mobile Voyager program (also autoplay module on protected media, it provides on the fly decryption - access to the protected partitions). It now looks more attractive and it is more handy on operation.

Also we added ability to upgrade autoplay modules by new versions on protected media by single click on toolbar's button. We release new versions often and this feature gives you ability to upgrade "firmware" on your protected media.

Please note, this version does not accept license keys of version 1.xx. You need to obtain new licenses if you want to upgrade: http://www.mvoyager.com/order/


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