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Released Master Voyager 1.24

November 4, 2008

Our clients asked to add new feature: autorun items. In this version we added this possibility. When protected CD/DVD/USB memory stick is loaded into CDROM drive/connected to the USB port, Master Voyager Mobile displayes password window. After providing password, secure partition from media is mounted as virtual hard drive. And now, since this version, when partition is opened, many different autorun items are launched automatically. For example, a folder with photos can be opened in Windows Explorer to save time, or .avi movie can be launched in associated program automatically.

We hope, this feature will be very useful for our clients.

To add item into autorun list, you need to open the disc/usb stick in main Master Voyager program, then mount secure partition. Then you can right click any file/folder on this partition and click menu item "Add to AutoRun".

To see the list of autorun items, just click by right mouse button on the white space in the files area (of opened protected partition) and click "AutoRun.." menu item. In this window you can delete items.


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